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Handmade Candles and Bespoke Candles

Handmade Candles - Bespoke Candles by Janine

For highly Scented Candles, the best in the world I ever could smell, my wife makes them, i promised i would put a link on our site to this website as they made with 100% love and quality, the cheapest Handmade best quality Soy Wax you could ever buy as a present for your loved one or to use yourself, they are simply the most highly scented candles i have ever smelled - they are Hand crafted candles by Janine High quality bespoke candles, she moulds designer Pillar candles, she makes designer fragrance tin candles, A full range of high quality Soy Wax Jar fragrance candles along with a huge selection of fragrance soywax clams and soywax melts. - Designer Fragrance candles please visit, her online shop is awesome and her candles last for hours and hours